design & engineering

Hydropol provides its customers with a wide spectrum of engineering services. The complexity of our professional capacity allows us to provide clients with full hydropower plant design, including hydraulic structures. The advanced internal coordination of our project teams ensures smooth and effective work process, which combined with our long term competence in the small hydro field allow us to deliver power plants with enhanced value.

When designing hydropower plants, we draw directly from our extensive experience with the construction, operation and management of such facilities. Thanks to this practictal experience, we are able to limit wastage and we avoid redundant "theoretical" solutions that increase the investment needed but do not provide any value.

The services cover the entire development process of small and medium sized hydropower plants: from research, studies and design and construction to operation. We fully cover mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and civil parts of any hydropower scheme:

  • research / site surveys 
  • feasibility studies 
  • conceptual design 
  • main / detailed design 
  • technical specifications 
  • tender documentation 
  • permits and licences 
  • construction management 
  •  project management 
  • supervision 
  • quality / quantity surveys 
  • testing and measurements 
  • commissioning 
  • operation manuals 
  • consulting