It is possible to establish relatively reliable power generation forecasts for hydroelectric power plants largely due to the stable conditions of most installations. On the other hand, this demands optimal operating regimes without even slightest loss as there are no possibilities of extraordinary increases in production and compensation of any eventual outages.

When providing operation and asset management services, we draw on our extensive experience gained from the operation of dozens of hydroelectric power plants (including our own) and from the construction and rehabilitation of these facilities. Assigning the operation to Hydropol reduces significantly commercial and technical risks and increases the yield on investments.

Hydropol provides the complex operation and asset management services for hydropower plants. We deliver strategic and operative planning, provide and manage staff, undertake all maintenance and repairs and administer the legal documentation and the relations with relevant stakeholders: the public, regulatory bodies, insurance companies, suppliers and other organizations.

  • complex operation outsourcing 
  • process analyzes and optimization 
  • 24-hr dispatch centre connection 
  • distant monitoring and programming 
  • personnel outsourcing and management 
  • repairs and maintenance execution 
  • operation / maintenance manuals 
  • purchasing / contracting