Unfortunately, as with everything, hydropower plants are also fading away. There are thousands of outdated plants across Europe requiring investment in order to survive. Contrary to most people\'s belief, rehabilitation of hydropower plants usually represents a more demanding job than greenfield projects. There are many constraints: scarce documentation, existing structures, increased environmental concerns, project coordination demands and, finally, financing expectations.

Only the merger of all individual requirements can make a project successful. A focus on \"which technology brand we will use\" is the most obvious error when implementing these projects. Hydropower rehabilitation means above all a perfect understanding of the site, conditions, and options and then advanced management of the implementation. Technology plays an important, but not central role.

Hydropol has advised, planned and executed dozens of rehabilitation projects under very difficult conditions using various technologies. This has given us a specialization which most others lack. Such experience allows us to analyze and design schemes effectively and efficiently with the utilization of tools which are normally used only for bigger hydropower projects. Hydropol does not \"spoil water to drink wine\": we operate dozens of power plants and can prove that our approach brings higher returns, quality and reliability.