our background

Hydropol was established back in 1994 and from the very beginning it focuses on hydropower development in all areas: greenfield projects as well as rehabilitation, engineering and financial structuring. From the initial idea to construction and operation, and also asset management. We have seen not just great development of renewable energy in recent years, but we have actively participated and influenced this market, bringing our clients notable returns on their investments.

Although "hydro" tends to be a rather standard and mature market, it still makes a big difference what the origins of innovation are. Central Europe was at the beginning of the 20th century one of the massive "workshops" of hydropower and advanced industrialization supported extensive utilization of hydropower potential enabling rapid development.

In 1933, there were more than 15,000 water power plants and water wheels running on the area of the present Czech Republic. Most of them have been replaced by more efficient plants or abandoned. Nowadays, there are still nearly 2,500 hydropower plants; most of them were made as greenfields or rehabilitated following 1990. This is not matched anywhere else in Europe today. We draw our large "on the job" experience from this extensive development, being confronted with all conceivable challenges.