greenfield hydro

These days, hydropower in developed countries, especially in Europe, is concentrated in two areas: rehabilitation and development of remaining available sites. The latter presents a challenging job. Over the years, hydropower was introduced to sites with easily harnessed potential and development of less advantageous sites has been left behind.

Today, 100 years of development and strict environmental constraints in Europe has left sites which need very demanding development. This is where the excellence of the Hydropol Group lies. Development of these, especially low head sites, requires exact performance in all involved areas, as any one of them alone can sink the project.

Hydropol utilizes state-of-the-art technology, research and know-how to design low head plants with enhanced value. The design reflects the focus on plant core cash flow, minimizes plant structures and future operating costs and rather than redundant "high-tech" spending, it targets long term sustained investment or "high-returns".