view of dam and powerhouse
Country: Built (year): Output (kw):
CZ 1954 1 x 7 500
Head (m): Capacity (m3/s): Completation (year):
80 1 x 9 2001
view of dam and powerhouse
detail of the powerhouse
rehabiliation of the Francis turbine
rehabilitated turbine with new runner


Project review

The primary purpose of the Vir dam (which was also rehabilitated by Hydropol) and reservoir is to supply the second biggest Czech city with potable water. The scheme also includes peak power plant working together with the Vir II reservoir and a run-off-river plant.

The target of the project was the replacement of turbine technology and governors/protection/control systems in order to increase the reliability and efficiency of the plant.

Provided services

Hydropol was contracted to provide economical studies of the rehabilitation, technical specifications, tendering and legal framework, project management, site supervision and quality control.