view of the powerhouse outlet and weir
Country: Built (year): Output (kw):
CZ 1917, (1924 TG2) 1 x 128, 1 x 151
Head (m): Capacity (m3/s): Completation (year):
2.8 1 x 9, 1 x 13 2006
view of the powerhouse outlet  and weir
cog gear detail TG I

Veseli nad Moravou

Project review

The HPP Veseli is highly interesting power plant, both from historical and site potential point of view.

It consists of two plants built on an island, each having its own inlet and outlet channel. The facility dates back to 1915 and was very outdated at the time of the rehabilitation. Moreover, the installation utilised just a small part of the river site (only up to 30 %) and thus provided an interesting opportunity for uprating.

The plant is under Cultural Heritage protection, which brought further difficulties in its rehabilitation.

Provided services

Hydropol performed complete site survey, documentation reviews, various hydraulic modelling and other services.

These have resulted in a development of a detailed feasibility study, dealing with various options of the plant rehabilitation and utilization of the full river potential.