view of the completed rehabilitated reservoir
Country: Built (year): Output (kw):
Bulgaria 1952
Head (m): Capacity (m3/s): Completation (year):
view of the completed rehabilitated reservoir
course of works around the maing channel
partially completed reservoir slopes
removal of sediments during rehabilitation


Project review

The Petrohan reservoir is a major storage of water for the hydropower peaking cascade, consisting of three utilities with total head of nearly 800 metres. The reservoir suffered from extensive leakage, causing structural problems, capacity constraints, and local obstructions.

The scope of the project included cleanup of the reservoir, civil works (reservoirs amendments) and installation of 55000 square metres of new synthetic geomembrane insulation layer on the reservoir surface.

Provided services

Hydropol was a turnkey contractor of all works, delivering the project within July-October construction season in the elevation of 1500 m above sea-level. 
Dam height: 5m 
Upstream face surface area: 50000 m2