thermal power plant Melnik
Country: Built (year): Output (kw):
CZ In construction 1 x 500
Head (m): Capacity (m3/s): Completation (year):
4.5 1 x 12 2009 - 2010
thermal power plant Melnik
intake facility construction
intake facility construction
bifurcation pipe installation
powerhouse construction
new turbine before the installation
new turbogenerator


Project review

Hydropol prepared for the prominent Czech power utility CEZ, a.s. a feasibility study of a low-head small hydro power plant on the outlet of the cooling water from the thermal power plant Melnik.

Construction of the HPP Melnik on the outlet of the cooling water system of the thermal power plant has its specifics and brings enhanced requirements on engineering, construction coordination, and managing of suppliers and their delivery schedules.

The biggest difficulty was the construction schedule optimization together with the thermal power plant operation.The turbine works in two regimes with different heads: Summer flow (when 50% of the total discharge is not used because of the cooling tower circulation, operation head is 5 m) and Winter flow (turbine works with full discharge and head 2.3 m).

Provided services

Complex research of the site, study and design layouts were performed by Hydropol.

Hydropol was also responsible for the turnkey supply of electromechanical equipment, civil works, legal framework, full project management, and quality supervision.